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    This story I will tell is about Gene LeBell

    This story I will tell is about Gene LeBell
    He was the greatest fighter that the world ever knew
    You could travel everywhere but never would you find a man who could throw Gene Lebell

    Gene stood alone, as a mighty man was he
    The battles on Judo master, he was a site to see
    He took them one by one and threw them all away
    In the Dojo’s of the world we was the king

    His legs were as strong as an oak tree so they say
    His skin was thick as leather, his eyes quick and small
    There never was a man who was born with a fighter’s hand who would ever be a match for Gene Lebell

    Along came a man Milo Savage was his name
    His fists were strong as iron and boxing was his game
    He clamed the Martial Arts were no match for his skill
    Until he met the man Gene LeBel

    Around did they fight to the death so it seemed
    Two giants dealing deadly blows to see who would be king
    The crowd held its breath for what would happen then
    For sure to change the thoughts of many men

    In a moment it was done, Milo Savage made no sound
    Gene blocked his punch, and choked him out, and threw him to the ground
    In victory he stood with his foot upon the man
    Who had dared to raise his hand to LeBell


    Now you can own one of the first ever video tapped striker vs. grappler matches (circa 1963) for the low-low price of 19.95


    I know this is horrible Judo/grappler nut riding. However, I have wanted to transcribe “The Ballad of Gene LeBell” for some time. For those of you not interested in purchasing the video let us engage in some speculation, if MMA had an old-timers league, who would win in a fight between Gene LeBell and Helio Gracie?

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    Milo Savage had a losing record in boxing, and only 23 KO´s in over 100 fights.

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    Lebell via face crank.


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