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    I've been out of the loop...

    So between changing jobs, moving into a new house, and my wife giving birth to my 2nd son, I've been a bit out of the loop for a while.

    Plus my DSL isn't hooked up yet at my new house. **** You Very Much, Verizon.

    So what's the scopp on Phrost leaving? What's all this then????

    BTW -- my new house has a 720sf attched, lighted shop with 9 foot ceilings. I plan to put in a floor and finally have my own home dojo -- and hopefully, a future site to host a Seattle area Throwdown! (I've got a hot tub at the new place too, for afterwards....)

    -daGorilla :)

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    A bit like Ethernet really - what will it's successor be called again?

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