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    I understand .. you didn't want the guy to get injured. That is just being responsible. Its cool. We weren't there. We don't know the guy. Its cool that you offered to train him for free.

    But at any point during your interview with him did you call him a fat-ass? If you did, then that's totally not cool. Encourage the guy, he may never be as good as you but that isn't the main thing. If he is 200 times better than he was when he met you then that is a lot of progress.

    >> To be bound by traditional martial art style or styles is the way of the mindless, enslaved martial artist, but to be inspired by the traditional martial art and to achieve further heights is the way of genius. - Bruce Lee

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    No I never called him a fat-ass or used any rude or disrespectful comments. I also did encourage him, I told him that he had the tools necessary to lose the weight and make a change for the better. Martial arts and physical well-being go hand in hand and are lifestyles, not hobbies. My offer still stands to train him even if he does not join our class.

    I figure that anything worth doing is worth doing right, and that includes martial arts and physical fitness. :)

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