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    Quote Originally Posted by Darren San

    I would also point out that you also won't see them wearing red belts, candy striped belts, or even black belts with stripes, garish embroideries, or "flashing neon signs" attached to them ... just a simple black obi.

    Well it seems "Soke Ass Milk" likes both the fancy belts and those pretty patches all over the gi. I guess they are kind of like a Superman "S" for him.

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    I see alot of this kind of thing. Three letters get used so loosely and missunderstood.
    (MMA) by aerobic classes that call themselves MMA trained. One instructor comes up
    and tells me she got her yellow belt in MMA.
    I ok congratulations, what art did you get it in?
    She said MMA, I said ok again I asked what art, she give me that I was stupid look,
    She answered back MMA.
    She teaches the Body Combat classes here at Golds Gym.
    I guess because she is a female and make classes fun with a smile
    Less Mills issues Fake quals.
    I've talked with Peter Storm and other People in the MMA community,
    That's what people want, of course its BS, but as a trainer I have seen alot.
    I here alot bullshit being used and excepted to grease the wheels.
    Through Peter Storm I have let him know and Tokyo Five aware of this.
    Its funny I train hard and fight and keep it real, why am I the bad Guy?

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    Someone will be along shortly to **** you idiots off. Noobs, stop posting.

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