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    MMA history movie

    I am doing a project at my school where we are making a short movie about MMA.
    Part of that will be a short run-through of the history of MMA, our idea right now is to use speak and filming some pictures for instance som old school gracie pics, some pics from the first UFCs etc...
    If anyone of you guys have som brilliant ideas as to what subjects or pictures that are musts i would be very gratefull if you would share them.
    The film will come online after production, but will be in Danish.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I would suggest beginning your movie with the jiujitsu career of Mitsuo Maeda, from his early training in Japan through his experiences as a prize fighter in the first "MMA boom" in Europe (especially England, France and Spain) during the early 1900s. This was a time when many different styles of boxing, wrestling etc. came up against each other in competition, and it was also the first time the Japanese martial arts were seen in Europe and the Americas.

    Coming from this background, Maeda introduced jiujitsu to Brazil, and I'll let scholars of BJJ pick up the story from that point ...


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