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    Third time's a charm...

    ...or not. I competed in Copa Pacifica today. I've done very poorly in competition earlier, with an illustrious 0-3 record to my name. This time was going to be different. I'd worked out what I thought were the kinks in my game (vulnrability to submissions in the closed guard, shitty guard of my own), except for my shitty takedowns, but which non-ex judoka/wrestler doesn't have that? The evening before the tournament we worked out for a couple of hours, and it felt really good. I managed to get a few takedowns and was generally happy with my game.

    We get there, do the customary hours of waiting for our matches. I get on the mat, and it turns out to be three minutes of shitty takedown attempts. I sprawl on his shot, try to move to the side, get tripped in a scramble. I pull him into my halfguard, and get passed, but I quickly reclaim it. I think "awsome, if there's anywhere I wanna be on my back it's here," and then I hear someone yell "30 seconds!" @#$%! he's ahead. I don't have time to set up my sweep-take back-eddie bravo's old skool kombo that I've had such awesome success with, so I just tried for some shitty ass sweep attempt. End result: I lose, and I'm now 0-4 in BJJ.

    I don't really mind my other losses; they've all either been really close, or against guys that were just astronomically better than I was. This one, however, really irks me, because this guy wasn't that good, I could tell by the shitty way he had side control, how he tried to pass my half guard later. I should have won this one, but somehow I fucked it up.

    Other than that, it was a great tournament with lots of good matches, and some stellar performances from my teammates.

    Edit: there might be a clip from my match later. Our video guy isn't sure if he got it or not.
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    That one is jinxed for me. I have never gotten better than 3rd place and always come out of there feeling like I got jipped. On the upside, Cleber always provides great entertainment. Like jumping over barricades with a plate of food, or getting on the PA system asking who took his shoes.


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