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    More Theocratic Initiatives

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, and in order to help the Federal Government coordinate a national effort to expand opportunities for faith-based and other community organizations and to strengthen their capacity to better meet America's social and community needs, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Section 1. Establishment of a Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at the Department of Homeland Security.


    What the hell does the Deaprtment of Homeland Security have to do with already unconstitutional faith-based intiatives?

    Is it to spy on Muslims?

    Root out Godless commies? (oops, several decades too late)

    Ensure all Amwericans are patriotic Christians?

    Goddam Bush :wtfgif9fr
    Who, for Pete’s sake! Is opposing science? In fact, we want MORE science by CRITICALLY ANALIZING the evidence-Connie Morris, Kansas State BOE (bolding and underlining part of original quote, red is my emphasis)

    As long as you try to treat your subjective experiences as if they were objective experiences, you will continue to be confounded by people who disagree with you.-some guy on an internet messageboard

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    in the game medieval: total war you can send religious people into other countries to convert them to your religion and gain a little influence from the inside of their society. perhaps bush has been playing video games.

    or perhaps he is a religious extremist who wishes to create a christian state and kill all of the infidels.


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