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    It seems fine where it is...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meager
    Yeah, it's spam, but at the same time I think it would be awesome to do it. If only I had a spare $1200 lying around.

    Edit: I was looking through their website, and Jacare is two months younger than me. I want to kill myself.
    1200$That's not spam,that's scam!I don't care if they prop Helio himself.I wouldn't pay 1200$Do Judo.

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    $120 a day, room and board included. What a scam. Check out hotel prices some time if you think that's a scam. I'm sure it's not top quality hotel room accomadations, but they're feeding you and you're getting instruction from 9 BJJ black belts, including possibly the best BJJ player in the world in Jacare.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Felipe Costa
    BJJ CAMP (6 minutes VIDEO)

    Hello, Iím writing to remind you that the Fifth Brazilian Black Belt CAMP is just around the corner. We are happy to be considered the best BJJ CAMP in Brazil by all the students in the world.

    Once again we are going to get full capacity and we want to thanks all of you who help us to promote and also all former participants. Every camp we have around 5 returning students and I guess that shows the high quality we present in all aspects.

    The old students have been asking us to create a Special BJJ CAMP for VETERANS only, that is a good idea and we are thinking when would be the best date for this, hopefully soon.

    Well, for our Fifth Brazilian Black Belt BJJ CAMP we only have 3 spots available and we still have one room for couples empty, so that mean that you can bring your wife, even if she does not train BJJ. We have in total 3 rooms separated for the guys who want to bring family, but 2 of them are already taken.

    Iím sending a link to a 5 minutes long clip about the camp, is pretty cool, but made by me, so donít expect much, Itís very amateur:

    Well, I think everyone have already heard or seen some pictures from our camp and a little about all activities and the teachers, but if you want to double check it, please go at , send me an email at [email protected] or even ad me I the MSN [email protected]

    Looking forward to see you there, Felipe Costa
    It may be SPAM, but hey. It's Brazil, there's cool beaches, partying, and some awesome BJJ instruction. And Felipe has a cool dog too. If I had the time and money I'd be there.

    Thumbs up.

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    Two guys from my academy went a couple of years back.

    They stayed in a fantastic villa on the beach, trained with the best in the world, got personal instruction from Leo Viera and Ratinho, got drunk all the time, tapped hookers two or three at a time and came back awesome BJJ players.

    There is probably not a better way to spend $120 per day. The guys I know all went back a second time, and got a reduced rate under $100/day.

    I would go, except my wife would freak out.

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