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    Oh well!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr._Tzun_Tzu
    How do you know what kind of power they can generate?

    A fast sharp elbow to the chest can break a rib (from the sternum) which can then rupture the heart cavity, stopping the heart do to blood pressure. There are also other reasons to block the sternum and heart from solid punches.

    In this Tournament, which used Chi Sau as a base for the contest, it appears that face shots where not allowed, and that some kind of points where awarded for throws and solid strikes to the front of the chest. (Note: Chi Sau is a cooperative training drill. When made into a competion, it is called Kuo Sau or something, my Chinese is not that good and I don't feel like getting up to get the book on it out. Most people just call all of it Chi Sau, even the reflex skills it developes, but this is not accurate)

    Thus, the target area was padded. The video doesn't get good untill the second half. (argueably these guys could do a few bench press to get some "padding" for the chest.....:) )
    If you are fighting someone who can rupture your chest with a strike then they will probably break your arm/hand if you manage to block their strike.

    One thing I don't think most WCers get is that blocking isn't the aim -- you should avoid strikes where possible and develop good footwork for this -- the aim is to control the arm -- therefore all WC blocks should be loose and able to be converted into grabs -- from there you can move to WCers stand-up grappling (examples of this can be seen in some versions of the WC dummy form). Once contact with the opponents arm is made, you try and make contact with one side of their body, use your legs to off-balance the opponent so their striking power is stuffed, and sweep/throw/strike your way out of the position. WC style clinches (that may look like boxing ones, or be from the side, with one arm clinching two) can be employed here to allow for throws that tend to be 'backward throws' in judo parlance (generally speaking short range osoto-gari like movements), or involve leg and arm control to get a rotating sweeping throw, or involve an arm lock to assist a throw.

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    What a bunch of nonsence... The ground is life and if you do not like life hang your hat on a good stand up. My least favorite one demensional fighter (if there is such a thing in MMA competition anymore) to compete against is wrestlers(especially if they cut lots of weight to fight ya!! which if you compete you'll know what I mean) becouse, for lack of a better analogy, they always have a 'punchers chance' Give me a WC guy ( to keep on thread point) any day and I/grapplers will show ya a duffis on his back in a world they can't deal with. How can the whole stand up defense of thing STILL be going on?? Watch the PPV boys. Own the fight by owning the ground. Cheers. BTW that WC dude WAX?? he seemed like a alrite dude, don't hate just becouse he practices a silly 'art'.

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