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    Gracie Fighting Championships - Uh, spoiler I guess

    Sherdog has posted a truly hilarious review of the recent GFC... I watched it and I wasn't too impresseD (sorry for being a tosser, I know they could all kick my ass... ) I was surprised as I found Lindland to be the most charismatic and enjoyable fighter all night.

    Anyway check it out, it's hilarious.



    After a plodding first round, a gravel-gargling Coleman implores Sims to get busy. The amount of testosterone Coleman seems to harbor is staggering. He may be sporting a full beard before the end of the telecast.
    Mark Coleman (Pictures), cornerman for Bobish, congratulates Rothwell on the win. The obscene growth behind his left ear looks ready to explode. I wish he would issue a statement on it already.
    9:03 p.m. The graphic on the screen identifies the bald man to screen left as “Boss Rutten.” Behind him, drummers attempt to drown out his commentary. I imagine the people in the production truck are busy watching HBO. And already, I’m glad I spent the $25 bucks. The only thing more entertaining than a polished telecast is an unmitigated disaster. We’re well on our way.
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    From Sherdog:
    Win: Forrest Petz Lose: Daniel Moraes TKO (Wouldn't Stand Up From Butt Scoot)

    That is the first time I have seen that particular type of victory.

    Linland was the most charismatic fighter? That must have been an incredibly boring night.


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