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    Quote Originally Posted by GoJu - Joe
    How dare you say Aikido sucks!!!

    I challenge you to run at me and grab my hand / wrist and keep holding on no matter what.

    The you'll see if Aikido sucks!!!
    You forgot I have I have to be running at you at full force and make sure I don't punch with my other hand :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Jones
    What did you say Kage Kaze. There should be a Samurai Larpers Vs. Ninja Larpers thread.
    There is one in Mega Threads, I think it called Maryland Throwdown: The Gold Standard or something.

    Aikido still sucks.

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    There is no Samurai Larpers Vs. Ninja Larpers thread. It was just Aesopian making fun of the Maryland Throwdown. But I did find this.

    Alright, check this out:

    1-2-3, in the place to be,
    as it is plain to see,
    I'm called I-C-Y,
    fight me and see why,
    I'm known to make grown men cry,
    the often immitated but never equaled,
    fought a CMA fag, at the outcome he was not thrilled,
    the black belt smiting,
    lived through gouging and biting,
    red sash embarassing,
    kung fu AND BJJ harassing,
    blitz through trapping,

    ...and Phrost did not seed the site with me. And all the stuff claimed in that (c)rap is 100% true, and if you don't believe it, **** you.

    As Regards Anthony:

    The day some fucker brings knives to a throwdown, real, blunted or whatever, is the day I bring guns.

    "Grab your Glocks when you see JFS, call the cops when you see JFS..."

    I was just gonna post the above, but I realized some of you may not get the context, and I like writing parodies. If Phrost will let me upload the mp3 to the site server, I will record this and you can download it. I'll finish the rest of the verses, too.


    I ain't got no mutha fuckin friends
    That's why I fucked your mom
    You fat mutha-fucka {Fake Money}
    East Side
    BJJ Killers {Fake Money}
    You know who the realist is
    CMAers we bring it too {Fake Money}
    (ha ha, that's alright)

    First off, **** your mom
    And the click you claim
    East side when we ride
    Come equipped with game
    You claim to be a fighter
    But, I fucked your mom
    We bust on BJJers
    with the iron palm
    Plus Osiris tryin' to see me weak
    Hearts I rip
    Phrost and Aesopian
    Some mark ass bitches
    We keep on coming
    While we grabbing for yah jewels
    Steady chain-punching
    Keep on gong sauing at them fools
    You know the rules
    Anthony, go ask yo' homie
    How i'll leave yah
    Cut your young ass up
    See yah in pieces
    Now be deceased
    Don't **** with real ass G's
    Quick to snatch your ugly ass, off the streets
    So **** peace
    I'll let them BJJers know
    It's on for Life
    Don't let the east side
    Ride the night (ha ha)
    BJJ turd burglars on broken glass get killed
    **** with me
    And get your caps peeled
    You know, See


    Grab your glocks when you see JFS
    Call the cops when you see JFS, Uhh
    Who gong sau'ed me,
    But, your punks didn't finish
    Now, you 'bout to feel the wrath of a menace
    shitrat, I hit 'em up!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyCache
    Please enlighten us as to the realistic multiple uke randori in aikido. I think "GRAB MY WRIST" Is actually a pretty funny name.
    Multiple uke randori = one tori in the centre, 3 or 4 ukes encircling him. Upon the shout of Hajime (begin) from the teacher, the uke's start to perform any standard attackes they wish upon the tori, either from the left side or right. Tori will respond using typical aikido techniques.

    You like "Grab My Wrist" moniker? What a coincidence... I do too.

    They have a different name for ude "grami" in bjj town. But rest assured, they can and will apply it, so hard your mom will feel it from across town.
    In the interest of Verbal randori... I am gonna waki-gatamae your elbow so hard, your ancestor will cringe in their grave.

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    nah. My ancestors didn't give a **** about the grapple, they were more advocates of lever action winchesters and free blankets.

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