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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom
    I currently train in TKD and Hapkido. I'm looking for something new, but I live in Sioux Falls. The only arts available here are TKD, HKD, Shotokan, Judo, Bujinkan Taijutsu, 8 Step mantis and Shyun Tai Chi, and Muay Thai- BJJ. I've done my homework, just looking for some help. If you know of any other styles in Sioux Falls I missed, please let me know.

    I vote you should go in a dark room with a razor blade and cut yourself.

    After that:

    Judo or MauyThai-BJJ school.

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    Hey, I live in Sufu, too. I go to the Taijutsu class currently. I'm trying to get my finances in order so I can afford the 100 smackers plus that the BJJ/MT MMA place charges per month. I did the 8-step, and I am still friends with those guys, but that style sucks. Windmill punch forms. That's all I'm saying for now. I also get together with Walker locally for Judo. I miss JKD and all it's family systems I studied when I lived in Portland. I think you have heard about all the local stuff except the new Krotty places springing up all over town that teach XMA. That just means you don't have to clean your ears. If you want to get together with some local martial artists outside of a class sometime to train, PM me. I think we may know each other anyways. Later.

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    Hi Bad Credit

    You're right I think we do know each other. could you email me at [email protected] Thank you all for your help.

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