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    See you must be spoilt for choice in both decent schools, "McDojo's" (as I believe they're called) and crappling unlimited. On the plus side almost all mma and tma classes in the uk seem to be a lot more informal than some of the classes in the states that mates of mine have been to. The spirit of Cobra Kai is strong in some states (or so I've been told)!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega
    I'm going to call BS on this. You see in BJJ grappling is like a drug. You usually don't get that high with out sticking with it in one for or another. My origninal art is Judo, then Kung-fu (we did some throws, and off ground stuff), then Shootfighting, then SAMBO, Back in the Mid 90's I tapped a few 'black' and 'brown' belts in BJJ. I thought BJJ was crap. Then in the late 90's I ran into my first legit purple belt, then blackbelt. Yeah there's a huge differance. Forced me to change my game. Every person I know that achieved a purple belt in BJJ or higher formed there own group if they ever moved to a location where there wasn't any formed grappling group. So I say it's highly unlikely that a person all of a sudden started grappling again after a hiatus and said he was a brownn belt.
    I agree, WAY too addictive!!

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