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Is Lion dancing supposed to be martial arts? Or just party time? I always wondered. Sorry for the derail of this cool as hell thread.
in my school we do look at lion dance as another element of training, working the lion head can help you develop power in your punch. (i actually talked to JFS about this when we met in person, and he thinks it's bullshit, he subscribes to the "get stronger punches by punching" school of training.)

also there are a series of fighting techniques associated with the lion dance moves, in case a fight breaks out during the parades.

the techniques mostly relating to smashing the other school's lion head since they are very expensive and in the old days, losing a lion head might cause a school to close.

i would be happy to talk about this in another thread, and this also might make a good topic for discussion in a troll-free environment, before preparing an article, if we want to take it to the private realm.