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    Still being active M.O.S. -- some things might need be read between the lines, or maybe not understood at all -- or perhaps by those with direct situational 'contact'....and I will let it go with that.

    Thanks for the concern, Is It Fake!.

    I dealt with it OK for years...and as things wind down, its easier.

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    My mom worked in Juvenile corrections and quit. I understand (somewhat) how it can affect you.

    I just didn't want you guys thinking I want you to forgive someone. I don't. I can see how it came across that way.

    I have children and just thinking about it sets me off. I couldn't imagine doing it for years. People make fun of corrections. Personally I feel your job is just as hard if not harder than a cop, with out the respect factor.

    I appreciate what you and your fellow co-workers do.

    Take care.

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