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    Quote Originally Posted by EternalRage
    ok so if its just a sports psychology manual, whats with the claims of get your bb in 3.5 yr?
    Because if you train right, Lloyd and Dalla argue there is no reason you can't get your belt in that amount of time.
    They're not the ones giving it to you though.

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    Lloyd Irwin is no doubt a legit fighter and an excellent coach (his results speak for themselves), but his marketing practices drive me nuts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Beneath Contempt
    Also, let us not forget that the Judo concept of a 1st Dan is very different from what most martial arts understand a 1st Dan to be. 1st Dan does not imply any degree of mastery - only technical competence.
    I think a lot of belt system martial arts work that way (the nonbullshido versions at least). I think the standard bar for master levels of competency is somewhere around 5th dan.

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