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    Nah... It's just that you can't suck someone's wallet dry if they only attend school for the practical things. On the other hand, ten years for a BB will do wonders for your instructor's bottom line. :D

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    well, ever wondered that maybe not everyone today studies MA to become the most effective killing machine? After all, there are other possible goals which might be more applicable in our society anyway, like fitness, forms and sparring competitions, performance (from demos at your local mall to action movies), etc etc , and maybe a little self defence in the mix ;)


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    I've thought about it and being good at point Karate has nothing to do with skill and everything to do with the judges liking you. I watched a match for the "Canadian Title" in fag sparring, I had no idea what was going on from when the match started until the winner was declared...neither guy touched the other or did anything differently from what the other did. Coincidentally the winner was also the guy putting on the tournament...

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    I disagree, Chinpau. Speaking as a "black belt" in Tae Kwon Do, I've seen a lot of other so-called "black belts" that do a lot of complex, acrobatic forms that are so flamboyant, Liberace would blush.

    Years later, I saw a person who was a wrestler that was in great shape and extremely flexible. He demonstrated a set of spinning kicks and jump spinning kicks that were very pretty.

    He never had a day of Farcial art training in his life.

    This guy's sheer athleticism enabled him to do anything a "Black Belt" could do, simply by mimicing him. On the other hand, Teach someone a combo with jabs, crosses, and hooks and it's going to take some real training to be able to pull it off under pressure and not lose your cool.

    With those fancy moves, NO amount of training will enable the practicioner to be able to pull them off for real. At least with boxing, you can learn to pull it off relatively quickly with training. The only way to even DO the complex moves in farcial arts is to be a dancer or a fraud.

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