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    Kidspatula vs Roo: Results

    Lost to decision.

    This girl was tough. Her standup wasn't great, but her clinchwork was really solid and she, throughout the match, was able to control me in the clinch and toss me around. I kinda forgot about the fact that I haven't done any clinchwork in over 3 months (Doh!!). The clinchwork that I was totally not used to + the cold air (my nose and lungs were burning, like how it feels when you go for a run when it's really cold out) totally gassed me right away and it felt like I was fighting my own body the whole time. The fact that 100% of the crowd was cheering for my opponent didn't help either lol.

    As it turns out (I learned this from one of the IKF officials there), Roo's 1-0 record is kind of a misstell. She's been doing muay thai since she was about 14 (she's 23 now) and she's been competing for years (the IKF guy saw her competing in the Worlds when she was 17 and has seen her fight a bunch of exhibitions.

    It was a really good fight, though, and I'm glad to have been put up against a strong opponent. She was definitely worth the trip and I'll definitely get a rematch against her.

    Kat murdered(Terminated) her opponent (duh), but very nicely. She worked some really solid boxing and was really pulling her punches on the girl. Marissa was just totally outmatched (both in size, but especially skill). At one point during the fight, Kat dropped her arms and just gave her a free shot (bitch!). The girl really couldn't hit very hard, though. She did put up a good fight, however, and never gave up despite how totally dominated she was. I give her major props for her heart.

    Anyway, video will be posted once we get back to civilization (we're still in medieval england (Iowa)).
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    Congratulations to you both. At least you got a lot more out of this fight than the last one.

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    Sounds like a good fight. Going against stronger opponents will make you stronger. Good job Kid.

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    Sweet. Sounds like you had fun and maybe learned some things. :thumbsup:

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    I bet your opponent was a can. =P

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    Rofl Gringo. Was it a split or unnanimous?

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    Good Job ladies ! I can't wait to hear and see more .
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    Well done Kid and Anna.

    I'll be popping into my local boxing club to get some more lessons, so watch out Anna!

    I imagine Anna (if by some chance I defeat Kid) will hit me so hard my brain will regenerate!

    Oh yeah!

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    Congratulations to you both. Nice job, ladies.

    Spatch: nice second fight. It is always a benefit to fighting someone a level up from you, sounds like you know what you can work on. And losing to decision is *way* better than laid out on the mat, sounds like you stuck it out.

    Kat: kinda what I, good job! Never give someone a free shot, you showboat!

    Can't wait for the videos!


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    MMA gotta learn to speak Promoter-speak.

    But sounds like a great fight, though. As has already been will learn more from this fight than the last one. SOlid work all around ladies!
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