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So you're basically saying you don't want students who are educated or have a family? Or that makes you complacent or lazy?

Yeah. I'd want to train at your school.

Read my post again. If you'd done that in the first place, you'd notice that I don't have a style right now, so I wouldn't be teaching an MA in the first place.

So to clarify, I don't mind students (of the University variety) who want to have kids or who have families. Being educated is a prerequisite to doing a Degree too, or at least it was last time I checked. I do have a problem with people who seem to think they can do a degree but then just become housewives and do nothing with what they're learned. Or who think a bit of snow is an excuse to bunk off.

If they can't be arsed to use their brains, why should a dojo waste its time teaching them?

And maybe you should learn to read properly before you jump to conclusions?