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    On the way to state
    Tae Kwon Do team to fight in state competition

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    COSHOCTON - Brothers Chaz and Ryan Cornwell-Smucker, students of McFeeder's Tae Kwon Do on Main Street, demonstrated their skills for children at YWCA of Coshocton County.

    Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art of self-defense - a style of karate, according to www.dictionary.com.

    During the demonstrations on Monday, Chaz and Ryan showed kicks, broke boards with their hands and feet, counted to 10 in Korean and displayed the art of sparring, in which one scores points by kicking the red or blue dots on his opponent's gear.

    "They learn respect for people and discipline," said Mendy Smucker, Chaz and Ryan's mother. Students practice three times a week and have monthly tournaments at the older McFeeder's schools.

    A team from McFeeder's, which includes Chaz, will compete in the state championships on Saturday, March 18, in Columbus. Other fighters are Jeremy Smucker, 20; Alex McPeak, 8; Ryan Terrell, 12; Jackie McMillian, 17; and Jim Wilson, 34.

    Chaz, 7, said the best part of Tae Kwon Do is the fighting. He started fighting last March and has reached the level of green belt. There are eight total belts, with green being the fourth. He enjoys the competitions and is excited to go to state.

    "It's a good outlet for them, they enjoy it and focus well," Smucker said. The students going to state are raising money by selling Rose Cottage Candles to help with expenses. The top seven at state will proceed to a national competition in Tennessee.

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    Originally published February 21, 2006


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