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The main thing to remeber here, rape is not done in a controled cage match, it is real life. Victim A walking to there car with an armload of groceries. Perp A see's said victim and waits till she is bent over either in the trunk/hatch back, back seat or front seat. The attack, at this point, they have one thing on there mind, most wont give a rats ass if they get hurt a bit, there there for the rush, to get off. So yes, an attacker would slam the victim down at there own expense, maybe they want to shut there prey up? The key is being aware, and if the unthinkable happens, how to get free with as much of yourself intact as possible. Joe and Jane World dont care about triangle chokes or arm bars, when put in a crisis situation, there not thinking about where to strike, there thinking "Oh ****, not me, not now" It has to be basic instinct or nothing at all.
I can speak form ALOT of experience that when put in a choke or lock the vast majority of pple will not slam you because they are more worried about the immediate threat so they will go for your hands or legs, whichever is causing the pain.. Those who do try its a desperation manuever and they may not be able to a) phyisically pull it off or b) Not think about out it until its too late. Lastly being slammed is not always that effective from such a situation. Unlike a Judo throw of suplex the person attempting the throw in not in the position to generate alot of power behind it.