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    That's awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Bernius
    Again, I say proof please. I can pull the instructor list off of Blauer and SBG's site (and a few others) and immediately have a number of schools that I would have no problem sending people to. I'd also send folks to some Red Man training schools.
    How does that compare to the sheer number of krav maga schools out there? Krav Maga is only one flavor of RBSD crap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    Take away the sparring and the rest of it is just theoretical masturbation ala The Martialist. It is the only component that validates the process.
    Fair, the resistance training definitely validates it. But without the other two components, you're not training self defense. You are training consentual fighting. Again, I'll suggest that there are important fundimental differences between and then step off that idological merry-go-round, as I don't think either of us are going to budge on that one.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    [on scenario training] Hey, some police departments still teach their officers Aikido. That's not a testament to Aikido's effectiveness as much as it is a testament to the ignorance of the instructors to better options.
    The only retort that I have is that, to the best of my knoweldge, SBG's approach uses scenario training (something that they imported from Blauer's work). If you want to call Thorton ignorant or someone who is ideologically attached to specific training methods, that's fine. I'm happy to side with Blauer and Thorton (among others) who see value in that form of training.

    Quote Originally Posted by Phrost
    Do you have a link to a site where your program is featured?
    Unfortunately, our PDR coach left the area about a year ago to persue a long held dream of getting into high level corporate protection services (ie. going to bodyguard school). So that part of our website is down. Here was the basic blurb we used to use:

    "PDR (Personal Defense Readiness)
    Class Description
    This scientific system, developed by world-renowned self-defense authority Tony Blauer, emphasizes all aspects of self-defense: the emotional and psychological, as well as the physical. The focus of a PDR class is to enhance your awareness, focus, fear management capacity, verbal skills and basic street defense skills. There are two PDR programs offered at Renaissance Martial Arts:

    * PDR Seminars
    These four-week seminars are geared for people who wish to develop good self-defense fundamentals. Corporate and Women's versions of this seminar are also available.
    * Blauer Tactical Self Defense
    This ongoing course is an in-depth exploration of PDR Concepts. These classes use reality based training to prepare for self-defense situations."

    Beyond that, there is Blauer's site -

    - Matt
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