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    Battle at the Beach BJJ Results

    In case anyone missed it, this past weekend there was a huge martial arts venue in Atlantic City that featured two professional BJJ divisions for a $2000 cash prize,

    The divisions were set up for 180lbs and above and under 180.

    Lightweight division:

    1st place: Cassio Werneck

    2nd place: Paulo Guillobe

    3rd place: Robson Moura

    Cassio's first match was incredible- he fought Andre "Urso" Maracaba (from my own gym) in a match that went on for 8 minutes. Andre pulled close guard and fought from there for about 3 minutes, alternating between various submission and sweep positions. When Cassio was finally able to stand up, Andre underhooked the leg and swept into full mount. After being recentered in the ring, Cassio bumps back to Andre's full guard, only to be swept again. From his guard, Cassio sets up a sweep, which forces Andre to defend and give up his back as Cassio attacks his turtle and gets a hand in his collar. He briefly plays with the idea of going for a clock choke before putting his hooks in and securing the choke for the win (despite an 8-0 score against him) with a little under two minutes left to go in the match. This I believe was the best match of the tournament and showed that Maracaba is proving to be a force in the middleweight division, and also showed why Cassio is a world champion BJJ fighter.

    The second match in the lightweight division featured black belt Jared Weiner against brown belt Noah Booth. Booth is over anxious to pull guard, and after 2 sloppy attempts to pull open guard, Jared figures out the game and throws a foot sweep the third time Booth tried to pull guard, earning him 2 points for the takedown. This match pretty much was fought to a stalement in Booths open guard before the fighters landed in full guard and time expires- Jared Weiner wins 2-0

    The semi finals of this division featured Cassio Werneck vs Jared Weiner and Robson Moura vs Paulo Guillobe.

    Cassio and Jared's match started off with Jared working his Judo, and threatened to take Cassio down with a few well setup throws and reaps- Cassio then pulled closed guard. After standing up to pass, Cassio drops his guard to Jared's knees and sits up for a double leg- pinning Jared's legs together. As Jared fell to his hands and twisted hard to escape the position and the sweep, his knee popped 4 times and Cassio was awarded the match.

    Robson Moura vs Paulo Guillobe was an intense match and Guillobe managed to come from behind to tie the score (1 sweep each fighter) late in the match. The match went to overtime with Guillobe securing a sweep from butterfly guard to win in sudden death.

    The finals featured Paulo Guillobe and Cassio Werneck. In an intense match, Cassio manages two sweeps and a guard pass for a 7-0 score. Paulo Guillobe threatened many times during the match, and was able to defend Cassio's attacks from cross side and escape back to guard each time Cassio got there. late in the match, Cassio passes again and secures a collar choke resembling an adapted version of the baseball bat choke and gets the win, the belt, and $2000.


    1st. Xande Ribeiro

    2nd. Rafael Lovato Jr.

    3rd. Renato Zambonaro

    The first match features brown bet Renato Zambonaro against Raphael Lovato. Lovato gets the takedown I recall and passed half guard numerous times, but Zambonaro escapes quick enough to avoid points for all but one of the passes. When Lovato attempts his final guard pass, Zambonaro attempts to escape and gives up his back as Lovato secured an arm triangle. In an unusual position that could be considered an in between of full mount and rear mount, Lovato gets the arm trianle for the submission and win.

    The second match featured Xandre Ribeiro against Renato as well- with only 3 people in the division, a round Robin is featured for the heavyweights. Xandre jumps a flying triangle, and Renato defends on the ground until Xandre transitions to the armbar for the submission.

    The final is set for Lovato and Ribeiro, but Lovato agitated his shoulder in his first match- an injury that he sustained prior to the tournament, and bows out to Xandre. Xandre takes the cash prize, but Lovato takes the belt. If I recall correctly, however, cash prizes were awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place competitors.

    I fought Saturday and won my first match 12-2 before securing a clock choke, and the second with an armbar to win the division. One of my friends video tapped the matches, which im told has a couple of really nice transitions- I'm going to try to get the tape off him and post it if I can.

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    Baseball bat choke wins again.

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    Congrats on your wins Gumby.
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