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Thread: Carter Hargrave

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    Just so you understand, if you provide proof of these allegations your posts stay in this thread. If you choose to continue the "pissing match" it will all be moved.

    Before you get angrier everyone, from a regular poster like me to a noob like you, is held to these standards in the MABS sub forum.

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    Everything that you just asked for, like I said yesterday, is RIGHT HERE:


    • First Martial Arts Training in 1968 with Hanshi Lou Angel in Goju Karate
    • Authored Original Jeet Kune Do Training Manual
    • Second Generation Jeet Kune Do Instructor
    • Certified JKD Instructor 1992, Jeet Kune Do Association
    • Founding Board Member 1992, Jeet Kune Do Association
    • Authored Combat Martial Arts Kempo Karate Manual 1993
    • Instructor of the Year JKD, World Martial Arts Hall of Fame, Presented by G. W. Dill and Jeet Kune Do Association See Certificate -- Photo
    • Certified JKD Instructor FJKD Association 1993 See Certificate
    • Certified Black Belt Tae Kwon Do 1993
    • Certified Black Belt Bushido Kempo, Promoted by G.W. Dill -- See Certificate --Article
    • Certified Black Belt Aiki Jitsu, Promoted Dr. Farenelli -- See Certificate
    • Certified National College of Martial Arts, Instructor JKD, Black Belt Bushido Kempo, Black Belt Aiki Jitsu, Certified Lou Angel and G. W. Dill -- See Certificate
    • Executive Director World Jeet Kune Do Federation 1992
    • Certified Black Belt 2nd Dan Kempo, Promoted by Toma Soke Okinawa and Japan, and Rod Sacharnoski -- See Certificate
    • Certified Black Belt 2nd Dan Jujitsu, Promoted by Toma Soke Okinawa and Japan, and Rod Sacharnoski -- See Certificate
    • Certified Black Belt 3nd Dan Kempo, Promoted by Toma Soke Okinawa and Japan, and Rod Sacharnoski -- See Certificate
    • Certified Black Belt 3rd Dan Jujitsu, Promoted by Toma Soke Okinawa and Japan, and Rod Sacharnoski -- See Certificate
    • Executive Director American Combat Kempo Association 1992
    • Certified Grandmaster Kung Fu 8th Degree Black Sash
    • Certified 8th Dan Black Belt Grandmaster Aiki Jujitsu
    • Instructor Headmaster Juko Kai Kokusai Remnei 1994
    • Certified 3rd Dan Black Belt Goshin Jutsu
    • Combat Martial Arts system featured on local newscasts. 1995
    • Awarded Karate Instructor of the Year, Inducted Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1995
    • Certified Shihan 5th Dan Kempo World Certified Instructor, Promoted by Dr. E. A Moore, Prof. Thomas Burdine, Prof. John Willaims, Prof. Ed Gross, Prof. Ray Gunther, Prof. Pelligrini. -- See Certificate
    • Certified Professor of Martial Arts 1995
    • Appointed Executive Director World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Board Member 1995 -- See Certificate
    • Appointed a Director United Kung Fu Federation of North America 1995 -- See Certificate
    • Certified Professor 7th Dan Kempo Ryu Karate. -- See Certificate
    • Certified Professor 7th Dan Combat Kempo Karate, American Kenpo Bu-Jutsu Karate -- See Certificate
    • Awarded best martial art school in the U. S. Recognized by U. S Congress and US Senate.1996 -- See Certificate See Certificate See Certificate See Certificate
    • Awarded Governors Comendation for best martial arts school -- See Certificate
    • Certified Hanshi 8th Dan Kempo Ryu Karate, 2000 -- See Certificate
    • Released Top Selling Original JKD Training and Ranking Video Series
    • Certified Soke Head Founder of a new Martial Art Style. Father of Combat Martial Arts. 2000 Certified by World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Sokeship Council, Board of Directors. -- See Certificate
    • Certified 10th Dan Kempo -- Multiple Certificates
    • Released American Combat kempo Training and Ranking Videos
    • Director World Kempo Association.
    • JKD Division Director World Budo Alliance
    • Certified Master Instructor Romania JKD Association
    • Inducted United States Martial Arts Association Hall of Fame 2001
    • Grandmaster of the Year United States Martial Arts Association. 2001 -- See Certificate
    • World Budo Alliance Grading Board Chairman
    • World Soke Council Member
    • Chief Instructor Air Martial Anti Terrorist Flight Crew Training
    • Developed system adapted for training United States Marines
    • Member Hawaii Martial Arts International Society.
    • Member World Filipino Martial Arts Association
    • Certified Guro Escrima -- See Certificate
    • Certified Grandmaster 8th Dan Ju Jitsu 2009
    • Certified Grandmaster 8th Degree Black Sash Kung Fu 2009
    • Member of many martial arts associations, federations, and organizations, also many organizations cerfifying the same ranks. This is a work in progress over the years. For the Masters and Grandmasters we may have left out we only have the greatest amount of love and respect and we hope to add everyone."

    as well as here:
    and here:
    O and here:
    And here:
    Here too.
    And here...

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    Where the certificates still on when you found this?

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    Nope. But they are still on some of his other pages, he has over 50 domains registered to him if you do a WhoIs. Do a Google Fu.

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    Here the certificates are still online:

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    Joe speaks the truth.

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    Tyrrin, just to reiterate what's been said, the request for evidence isn't to disprove what you have said, its there to be able to present evidence in a final writeup. Most investigations end up in a writeup, using supporting evidence as the basis, that means there is a record on the web of what/how/why. At the very least, it's there, on bullshido for anyone to read. Thats why catching screenshots, before certificates are removed is important.

    it's not enough to make the person remove the evidence, so they can deny it, we, as a communuty, need to save that evidence, so that they can't use it again later. Being thorough, and saving stuff, helps with that.

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    I just got the following e-mail sent to me.

    [email protected]

    This is the message:

    Someone hacked my email address and has been using it to post here, I do not know who this person is but I logged into my mail box today and discovered all of these auto responses. I never posted to this forum or any other for that matter. Can you please delete this account and block this email address from being used here from now on? Thank you.
    I will now ask the person posting here as tyrrin to prove their identity by faxing me a copy of their drivers license to Samuel Browning at 860-889-5900 by the end of tomarrow. If you do not want to do this please explain here, why your email account is developing a multiple personality disorder.

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    I now have a situation, in which, in effect, two entities are claiming to be the real "Tyrrin". If you contact me and authenticate who you are, I can work with you, otherwise it looks like some very creative trolling by the Tyrrin account.

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    It gets better......

    Received the below email tonight in reply to my June28 invite for Carter Hargrave to join the thread.

    My posts in this thread have always been as a consumer (in this case the martial arts) advocate. All posts have been after checking credentials and who/where those credentials originated.

    The yellow font below is (in my opinion) a good color for Carter Hargrave who never had the guts to post his actual training after leaving Dill.

    It's time to lawyer up so I won't be posting in this thread without the consent of my attorney.

    While having never met Carter Hargrave, it looks like that is about to change.

    I look forward to the light being shone, on this, in my opinion again, cockroach once and for all.

    Re: Hargrave Martial Arts Form Mail

    Wed, December 30, 2009 7:27:28 PMFrom:Hargrave Martial Arts <[email protected]>

    Well Joe you wanted our undivided attention with your unprovoked attacks and defamation, well you have it 100%. You just wouldn't let it go and had to keep harassing us. We have you every chance to do the right thing. We are directing our attorneys to file suit against you in State court here in Tulsa, so looks like you will get your chance to explain what you have been doing to hurt us to a jury.

    It appears you have way too much time on your hands to post online in your effort to interfere with our commerce and slander our reputation and steal our intellectual property.

    The address that we have for service is:

    Joe xxxxxxxxxx
    (address removed)

    We should begin in the next thirty days. If you have an attorney please forward his information to us, and ask them if they will accept service for you. Be sure and post this letter online so your known associates can see where you are heading.

    Hargrave Martial Arts
    Division Headquarters of Hargrave Arts LLC.
    Box 52820
    Tulsa, Ok 74152

    On Jun 28, 2009, at 11:20 AM, Joe wrote:
    This message was sent from:
    Name of sender: Joe
    Email of sender: xxxxxxxxx
    ------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------


    As you probably know, there was a thread about you on Bullshido back in 2006.

    This thread has once again reared it's ugly head.

    Do you care to join in and post your actual qualifications / training history?



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