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    The dangers of training...

    Back on High School, my basketball coach used to harp on us repeatedly that the only time you get injured is when you are dicking around. Granted, this isn't 100% true, but I've seen enough people get injured when they weren't being serious because the concentration or technique isn't there. This was how I managed a moderate sprain of my left knee ligaments almost a year ago which has just started feeling better the last 30 days or so.

    This evening I was indulging in some moderate kickboxing. After seven or eight rounds, I put on an Everlast advanced body protector and was dancing around letting my partner kick the **** out of me (those things get 2 thumbs up for taking a shot well).

    We called the session and my partner, being a smart ass, threw attempted to spin and throw a weak teep at me hoping to catch me unawares. In a freak accident, his leg collapsed and his patella severely dislocated. We were unable to pop it back into place so I picked him up, carried him to my car and drove him to the hospital.

    After 3 hours in the emergency room, the hospital attempted to pop his knee back into place twice with no success. They would only let his wife stay with him so I they told me it was ok to head home.

    I'm hoping the problem is solved sometime and there is no ligament damage.

    Why post this? Hopefully this will be a little reminder that what we do IS dangerous (well, if you aren't doing CMA...just kidding...couldn't help it) and I hope it makes everyone think twice about training less than seriously or when you just aren't feeling it.

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    As a note, I did get injured far more often playing power forward for my HS basketball team than I have doing jitsu.

    From my own experience, although a little different, I'd say you are definitely onto something insofar as that, in training, I am very aware of my limbs and potential injury, much more so than I ever was playing BBall or in everyday life and most of the my injuries come from outside jitsu. That said, BJJ definitely has a knack for aggravating old or nagging injuries. . .grumble. . .

    Hope your friend gets over that, it sounds horribly nasty. Amazingly I've never had serious knee trouble (although it strikes constant terror into me), my hips, however, are a sad sad story.

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    I know the dangers of training all too well myself. When I did TKD I broke two bones in my left arm in an accident, that night taught me the true meaning of the word pain. It was absolute hell. Had two surgeries and my arm is OK now, but it will never be as good as it was.

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    Hmm... brings new meaning to the mantra "protect yourself at all times" doesn't it ;)

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    Where were you 3 months ago when I got my ribs craked by dicking around?

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    My brother tore a small muscle in his back fooling around, lifting heavy without warming up, in early 2003, he has yet to recover, and there's no light at the end of the tunnel so far. He was scheduled to make his pro-MMA debut, but instead, he can no longer do heavy lifting, or anything else that's a strain on his back. No training. No weightlifting. No job that involves lifting anything that weighs more than 30 lbs at a time.


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