Last night, I was bored out of my skull, so I watched this new show on fox called "Free Ride". The show was pretty lame, but there were a couple funny parts involving a 'martial arts tournament'. Here's what happened.

One of the main character's friends was participating in the tournament. The guy comes out dressed in gi pants and wearing a headband with asian writing all over it. He proceeds to get the crowd pumped up by throwing silly kicks and flashy punches. Then, his opponent comes out. The opponent is an overwieght guy with a shaved head and covered in tattoos. During the staredown the TMA dude goes "Do you even train?" and the tattoo guy says "County jail" to which the TMA dude exclaims "Ha! I learned on the internet!" Needless to say, the tattoo guy beats the crap out of the TMA guy. After the fight, the TMA guy's friend runs over and says something like "Man, you can't just learn to fight on the internet. You have to actually train somewhere." To which the TMA guy (now on a stretcher) replies "'re right....I need a high-speed connection." Then later in the show, the TMA guy goes and learns "Guatimalain JuJitsu" and gets beat up by another street fighter.

I thought that that segment was pretty funny, and moreso a sort of tongue-in cheek public service. It seems that TV shows always like to show the mystique of TMA kicking ass, and don['t really want to show that a hard street fighter could actually best most one dimentional self-trained traditional martial artists. It was a good change of pace to see a keyboard warrior get his ass kicked on a TV show.