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    Hey Slug, thanks for replying. I agree that BJJ is one of the deadliest and accomplished forms of martial arts out there. I've actually attened a class in downtown Montreal called the Cultural Martial Arts Academy and was highly impressed. Like I said, most martial arts impress me. But if grappling and knee locks and elbow brakes are not my thing, then nor is this art. We all know that an accomplished BJJ martial artist can defeat almost anyone. We say the Gracies do it in the UFC and other mental martial arts competitions out there, all the time. But many of us don't look for the school that will send us out in to competition to win fights in a rink for all to see. When I was training in Karate, I was involved in competitions because I was sort of force fed it by my sensei. I won many, lost some, and had no regrets. But FSD trains us to deal with life challenges and not have to get involved with the comps. If some punk were to invade my bubble on the streets or wherever, because of my intense conditioning, my speed and FSD fighting techniques, I know I am going to take that guy down before he even has a chance. In fact, it happened just last week. And no, he wasn't drunk or high, just a bully who messed with the wrong guy and highly regretted since I knocked him out so fast and left him bruised.

    I understand what you mean by competing to prove your styles credibility. Many bad asses from different styles have showed their stuff in these competitions, and will continue to do so. Do we all need to prove that what we do in our styles is the most effective? Perhaps, but it still stands that my training is making me a better person, and a better fighter. I am not looking for a fight, but maybe I will take your advice and go visit some MAA schools and talk to their instructors about my style, and how it compares with theirs. Maybe I can organize a friendly bout between some FSD students and other MAA students within the same level. I'll let you all know how that goes.......first some research is required.

    Gotta go, have a scheduled class in 1/2 hour. Shadow R.

    Here is another one on my list.

    I really hope you do get together and see how FSD can do.

    Realize there will be some rules for safety.

    This is an out.

    Realize it will be on mats.

    This is an out.

    Realize there will be some size difference.

    This is an out.

    You must keep an open mind and not live through the one person that can use it well. I was the one person in my art. Funny how being able to use crap enables others to feed off you and keep using crap. You have to compare the totality of the fighters. If 5-6 of the people lose, for FSD, the one winner doesn't validate
    the system even if it is a KO.

    Also, don't fall for "the rules" excuse. Rules don't stop boxers from KO people out on the street. Look for articles about Tyson, Michael Carbahal(?) and others. They KO people in the street and were sued because they were considered PROFESSIONAL FIGHTERS.

    This is one of the biggest rubs for me in the whole "street vs. ring" debate. In court the sport guy is considered a fighter, rules don't factor in at all. Hell the fac they have been fightin under rules on a regular basis seems to make the situation worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Ragno
    Gotta go, have a scheduled class in 1/2 hour. Shadow R.
    You are still online. Thought you had a class to go to about 40 minutes ago. I guess you aren't dedicated enough to make it to class today.
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