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    Superfighter! Radical plan to fix boxing heavyweight division.

    Well it's radical if you've never seen a k1 GP.


    Quote Originally Posted by press release
    As giant of an event as planned, while truly MONUMENTAL, could not be accurately described as "grand". The more precise description, financially, would be "MILLION", as in 30 Million (already secured and budgeted) dollars, with 20 million dollars going to the fighters in prize money and guarantees!

    Now does that get your attention? Welcome to SUPERFIGHTER, and the WORLD SUPERFIGHTER CHAMPIONSHIP!

    There is no unexcited or non-exhilarating way to describe SUPERFIGHTER.

    Simply put it’s an elimination, gladiatorial event which presents the talents of eight international boxers, all on one fight card, all on one day, but with only one champion at the end.

    Eight of boxing’s best heavyweight fighters, seven fights (each bout is a maximum of 4 x 3 minute rounds), one SUPERFIGHTER champion!

    Scheduled for June 4, 2006 at the Melbourne Vodafone Arena in Melbourne, Australia (telecast live into the USA on the evening of June 3rd), SUPERFIGHTER will bring to boxing an event unequalled and surely unparallel. It’s magnitude - no less than Lennox Lewis vs. Mike Tyson; it’s innovative concept, new values for the sport and technological & theatrical atmosphere - unprecedented.

    With a major New York press conference slated for late March/early April, a very few select writers were given the distinct opportunity to get an exclusive look at SUPERFIGHTER and it’s concept; while speaking with Stephen Duval (Founder & CEO) and Warren Spooner (Commercial Director) this past Friday afternoon at Gallagher’s Steak House in Manhattan.

    "We are not about doing this one event and leaving, we’ve been working on this SUPERFIGHTER event for three years, this is a long term plan," stated Duval, who bears a striking resemblance to former world champion Ray "Boom-Boom" Mancini, adding "SUPERFIGHTER will revolutionize boxing. We will be using our innovative scoring system, a video reply system which will allow for greater viewer interaction and a 21st Century technology that includes a 14 camera High Definition Telecast, new camera angles and telecast technology, including Super Supreme Slow Motion for a more informed adjudicated procedure. At the venue you will get the feeling at home and the viewers at home will get the feeling of being there live!"

    "We will start SUPERFIGHTER with the heavyweights, and we are talking about the top heavyweights; champions and contenders. We will then move into other divisions - that‘s our goal," stated Warren Spooner, "once you create this interest - it will flow throughout the entire sport."
    It sounds interesting, but I don't know that the big names with their big ego's would go for it without a guaranteed pay-date.

    This is more informative...
    Quote Originally Posted by site
    IRON Mike Tyson could headline a heavyweight slugfest known as Superfighter planned for Melbourne's Vodafone Arena in early June.

    The lucrative eight-fighter, elimination concept is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneurs Stephen Duval and Warren Spooner.

    The pair claims to have commitments from four of the eight heavyweights the event will showcase and, with a purse of more than $6.5 million up for grabs, Tyson may join them.

    "I have spoken to Mike on behalf of Superfighter, and while the first offer they made was great, the second one was even more enticing," former world champion and Tyson confidante Jeff Fenech told radio SEN last night.
    Tyson could be a factor in a 4 round match, but I'm wondering how the money went from $20mil to $6.5mil. If it's a guaranteed pay out with a 6.5mil bonus, this could very well happen.
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    I was sure this was another shitty thread started by Sirc.

    Cool idea. Hope it sees fruition.
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    The $20 million is split up among the fighters, they all get paid, the winners just get a bigger cut.

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    I'm in!
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    I like this idea. Should be interesting...
    Anybody ever se the movie 'Diggstown" with Lou Gosset Jr.? A great boxing movie, my second favorite after Raging Bull.
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