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Thread: True MA lies.

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    Grapplers: We can defeat any Wing Chunner (heh heh)
    Wing Chun: We can defeat any grappler (heh heh)
    TKD: You can kick to the head in the streets. It's effective.
    Tai Chi: The creator of Tai Chi sent 4 guys to the hospital and he didn't throw a single punch.
    (PLEASE don't ask me to find that story. I did that as a report almost 6 years ago)
    Wing Chun: We hold secret rooftop matches downtown. (ROFL)
    Dark_Glitch_Fu: I am the supreme master of fists. I shall make all of you bow before me.
    Shaolin Kung Fu: A shaolin teacher must be able to take a baseball bat to the head and smile (I SWEAR TO GOD they said that in an Inside Kung Fu article on Shaolin Kung Fu. Either them or Black Belt...)

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    According to the Tai Chi Academy I used to attend, a Tai Chi master was once challenged by a wrestler. The wrestler flung himself around the Tai Chi man, the Tai Chi man merely shifting his balance slightly. The wrestler let go in shock, feeling how easily the Tai Chi master could have thrown him, as he had such amazing balance (the Tai Chi master didn't actually throw the wrestler because he didn't want to shame the wrestler in front of his friends). The wrestler greatly respected the Tai Chi man from then on!

    They also told me how once in China there was a man practising Tai Chi, who was so relaxed and fluid that when a bird landed on his arm, the bird could not gain the momentum to fly off again - every time it tried to fly, the Tai Chi master's arms would flow with the push, preventing the bird from taking flight!

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