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    SGB Ireland

    Well as my chest is healed up and I can breathe without coughing my guts up now I decided to check out the local straighblast gym(which by the way had BJ Penn as a guest just before christmas, talk about just missing out). Mondays is standup, Tuesday is BJJ, tonight was Judo and Saturday is MMA. Before I go on I have to say I thought I wouldn' do too badly, as I've been crappling on and off for around 3 years.
    I was wrong.
    I got Bummed.
    But in the nicest possible way.
    We started out with a light warmup, grand, no problems there still fairly in shape and flexible. Then we paired up and went through sweeps, hip throw and shoulder throw, ten each side. Then down on the floor for newaza. I thought I could surprise them with a few moves. I didn't, all I could do was pull guard and flop about a bit, I was fairly succesful in defending but the minute I tried anything, bang. Tap. After everyone switched around and got to fight each other we went into Randori, where I got flung around. Once I had been passed around like a cheap hooker we finished up. All in all I had a fantastic time, everyone there would stop and tell me why I was being so rubbish and really helped me out. Also I'm large amounts of skin from my fingers. I can't wait to try BJJ on Tuesday where no doubt I'll be savagely bummed and sent home crying.

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    Sounds awesome.

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    Medical tape is more essential than a gi for good Judo.
    Quote Originally Posted by Osiris
    Imagine if track was run like the martial arts community. While the winning teams would just sprint down the field, smoking the competition, you'd have a bunch of losers running around explaining how they can skip down the track just as fast. Never mind that it doesn't fucking work. Oh no, they're too fast for track. They run on the STREET.


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