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    I noticed that you got upset that I was mad about The Hunter juicing. I just wanted to make some clarifications though. I do not condone steroid use unless medicinal. However I do realize that in a controlled enviroment with correct dosages and cycling it can be relatively harmless. The reason that angered me about The Hunter is that he competes or at least I was/am under the impression that he competes which indeed does give him an unfair advantage. You said that creatine gives people an unfair advantage which I disagree with, creatine is perfectly legal and easily obtainable. It is also doesn't really make you stronger just adds some weight, mostly water with a little muscle.

    If you don't compete and take steroids that is fine, to each his own I say. It's your body and if you wish to take the gamble which could pay off then that's your deal. I also don't think it's cheating to try to get to the most of yourself when your not competing, it's just risky is why I avoid it. The average lunkhead does not know how to use steroids correctly, and will 99% of the times abuse them. The adage of if some is good than more is better comes to mind.

    The last thing I will comment on is that someone said that taking steroids is akin to women taking estrogen during menopause. That ticked me off a bit because in no way are they similar circumstances. Menopause cuts of estrogen production and estrogen is pretty much necessary for women so it helps most women to get through menopause. In no way are steroids necessary or even reccommended because the male body will not stop producing testosterone which is what steroids help to produce. If that did happen is the only way I condone steroid use...but since it doesn't then there is no reason for me to.

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    I didnt get mad at you man. I wasnt mad at ANYONE. If MIGO posted and AGREED with me I'd probably be mad at HIM.

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