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    An in-shaqpe BJ Penn who wants to fight, can beat anyone 150-175.
    A fat, sloppy bj penn can be beat by many.
    Depends which one shows up.

    as far as which has the better fighters?
    I think the rule sets have separated them pretty well.
    There aren't many that would dominate in both,
    but, there are some that could with more training.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meex
    I think the rule sets have separated them pretty well.
    I think the only thing that truly seperates them is the cage vs ring, and even in UFC wrestlers that rely on the cage aren't really dominating anymore except for Matt Hughes. And I'm fairly certain Matt's reign of terror is going to end soon, either by BJ again or, if he beats Penn by some miracle, GSP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meager
    Franklin, Tanner, Loiseau, Terrell, Linland > Henderson, a 40 year old Bustamante, Baroni's tired ass and Ikuhisa "the Lay n Pray Punk" Minowa.

    Just because Franklin is clearly the class of the divison doesn't mean the rest of the guys aren't a ton better than what Pride has.

    "Aside from Fedor who does Pride have at heavyweight who is any good? Khartinov? Fedor is going to bury him in the first round. Heavyweight is a one person division in Pride."

    See how stupid that sounds?
    Lindland is not in UFC anymore, and I would take the Pride 185 tournament over the overrated Tanner and Loiseau anyday. The difference between my statement and yours is the top four guys in Pride heavyweight could all easily hold the title in the UFC. 185 in the UFC is HIGHLY overrated. They have a great 170 division, the rest is shallow and weak.
    Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?

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