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    All I said was that a lot of us were anticipating Omega meeting JFS outside and telling us all about it. I never endorsed them meeting for a Bullshido Supported throwdown.

    So don't tell me stupid stuff like I think he could beat Royce Gracie in a fight. That's idiotic and I think that statement of his was crap.

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    What I'm saying is, had he not run his mouth and pissed a lot of people off, and someone had found pictures of that seminar, would they even have posted them? Never mind 5+ threads on it, would there even have been one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Used Up
    What I'm saying is, had he not run his mouth and pissed a lot of people off, and someone had found pictures of that seminar, would they even have posted them? Never mind 5+ threads on it, would there even have been one?
    It probably would have been:

    "Hey look at this dumbass doing the old 'elbow to the spine' takedown defense" somewhere in the middle of a Pics of Disaster thread, if it weren't for JFS directly participating here and forming a small cult of personality around himself.

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    Your just jealous because his cult of personality beat your cult of personality in a vote.


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    Following up on the Used Up/Prost exchange, it seems like everything goes back to JFS's posting style and the issue of banning. Bullshido has proudly proclaimed itself as a bastion of free speech in a world of Martial Arts forums that typically have different levels of conversation control. JFS has clearly become a continuing thorn in the side of the staff.

    The issue here is that instead of coming out and saying "he's an a-hole, we're banning him for that", this investigation was launched and it comes up with a charge of teaching bullshido, a charge which a number of people (beyond the so-called "JFS Nutriders") have taken issue with.

    Regardless of where the staff is coming out on this, it does read like a bit of a witch hunt. I guess there are diliberations over a ban. When it comes (and I think it will), it should be interesting to see the final reason given.

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    Thread closed. One thread being put together to put this to rest.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sifu Rudy Abel
    "Just what makes a pure grappler think he can survive with an experienced striker. Especially if that striker isn't following any particular rule set and is well aware of what the grapplers strategies are".

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    :deadhorse My official view point and standing on everything that has been said and done:

    My friends: Anthony, Phrost and most of the Mods and Admin:

    My Loyalty: To my friends, I stay loyal to their decision whether I agree or not.

    Do I agree: Neutral, I truly don't care one way or the other.

    Bottom line: I'm a poor judge of character. I'm still reeling because of poor business decisions I've made and being backstabbed by selfish unhonorable people I thought I could trust. So I choose not to judge JFS on what he's said, I want to reserve any judgement for an actual face to face meeting.

    JFS has said exactly what I would've in his place regarding ceartain things. If I had to fight a Gracie I would win, bottom line the philosophy goes like this "If you admit defeat before battle, half the battle is already lost". Simple idea guys. Whether it is true is irrelevant. If JFS is saying many of those techniques aren't grappling well that's his perogative but you've caught him in a catch 22 situation. If he admits he's grappling then you call bullshit because he's not an expert in the area and most KF guys aren't. If he says he teaching anti grappling then you call BS because we all know that anti grappling is grappling. If he states to somebody this is what he's done in this situation and it worked for him, you say bullshit because in the NHB ring (not the MMA ring) we've found that these techniques are less than effective.

    To my fellow mods I simply say, walk a mile in his shoes and ask yourself how you would behave given the exact same situation. Phrost says he should've directed a person to a grappling expert. Fair enough but easier said than done because it undemines the basic premise for doing a seminar such as that. Is there a way of doing it? Absolutely I've done it in the past and still run a successful seminar. But I've never run a seminar on Kung-fu. Why? I don't know I've never been asked it's always been submission this, leg lock that, throw this, even though my expertise is in other areas of martial arts that I believe I'm better at. *shrug.

    If you don't want to call these grappling techniques then you've got to classify them as a grappling situation.

    Elbow to the spine doesn't work well, this is the only technique I'll comment on. Anything Else JFS is showing might work but I'd like to see it in person before calling anybody a liar or bullshit artist.

    Phrost, Anthony, JKDchick, Sam Browning, Mr Mantis, Asia, and many of the other mods have been there for me when I was down and out and stood by me when they didn't need to. I stand by their decision to put a stop to a potentially dangerous situation. I am now asking all of this to stop, everything that needs to be said has been said and it deviates from our directive, I am now unsuscrbiing from these thread and moving on to bigger and better pastures.

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