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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronin.74
    No big deal Camus, it is hard to understand without seeing it.

    For reference it would be worth mentioning that if you decide to try this with a partner, when your partner is throwing you make sure he keeps his right hand open and pressed flat against your back. If he grabs your gi and balls his hand into a fist to hold it he will possibly jam his knuckles and wrist when he gets pulled over top of you. Happened to me once.
    Plus, to think of it, I'm not sure how well this counter would work against seoi-nage, or koshi-guruma. I don't think it would work at all with soto makikomi. BTW, Cadmus, check the soto makikomi clip - it is a sweet throw.

    Also, check out - the site is really good with lots of diagrams and clips. It will give you a good idea of what the throws and counters are like. Mind you, the clips are non-compliant, but they are shown from a pretty static position (but the site has also clips of actual tourneys.)

    I think I'm going to create a thread asking the in-house judoka about this counter with its pros and cons. Doing it to Aikido-boy was a sweet moment, but I can't say I learned anything other than he sucked more than a vacuum cleaner or Windows 98.
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    About ten years ago, while training Juko-ryu JJ (or local version of it. Not Sacharnoski-shite.) we had this blue belt. Real "rappari" (finnish MA-slangword for one who likes to brutalize people, usually lower belts). Guy broke senpai´s fiancees arm in randori as worst example.

    Well, as not-so-poetic justice, he got stabbed to death in sleep when junkie sneaked to his room. :icon_salu

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    Your right elynka, it will only work against your basic hip throw.

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