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    haha. i fucking took classes there when i was a little kid!

    it was so shitty. i am so stoked to find this asshole on this website. i remember that he was really mean to his own children who also did kung-fu. he was all demanding of them and ****. they probably do drugs now too.

    THE GAYEST OF ALL was that he used to play an album by "enigma" that featured such soothing "hits" as "sadeness" and the gayest ever: "return to innocence". anyway, i realized it was a waste of my time when i lost a fight to a kid who was a total *****.

    after i quit his class i got in 9 more fights before graduating highschool, winning all of them with the strategy of punching the kid in the nose over and over again with my right hand until he cried or the teacher came. so kids, there's a free martial arts lesson for you that's way better than anything eric cruz will sell you. here's another one: do some push-ups.

    p.s. i now live in new york and it's not so bad and im 25 and i'll **** cruz up if i see him and get my moms money back!
    so Cruz plays Enigma and Patenaude plays Survivor; wich approach is the best?:laughing1

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    Cruz question

    As I posted on a thread a few weeks ago, I had a short time affiliation with Glenn Hart and Cruz. I remember that Cruz was doing some Iron Palm training. I was told that his hands were lethal from the Chi or energy he has cultivated from years of this training. Are any of you aware of his training or mastery of this? Or, is all BS?

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    i have some friends and relatives in mashpee, ill going out later this spring for a visit, maybe ill swing by usa kung fu and check out the aliveness.
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