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    Women Kickboxers in the Ring - A news article


    Women Kickboxers in the Ring

    by Luca De Franco

    Kickboxing has always been publicized as a ring sport perfect for women. That’s why so many female boxers practiced it before switching to the noble art. Most of these girls just followed kickboxing classes, but others decided to make it a career and went as far as winning world titles. Some kickboxing champions made it big in boxing as well. Among these oustanding athletes capable of getting to the top in two ring sports are Bonnie Canino, Regina Halmich and Lucia Rijker. They made an impact in female boxing history for different reasons and everybody knows them in at least two continents (America and Europe). Of course, other athletes were as good as they were, but never became so wellknown. Kathy Collins, for example, became world champion in kickboxing and boxing. In New York she is still so popular that Gleason’s Gym owner Bruce Silvergrade put her photo next to those of Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. But how many people know Kathy Collins outside the United States? On the other hand, Bonnie Canino and Regina Halmich are very famous. But none of them is as famous as Lucia Rijker. “The Dutch Destroyer” was brave enough to fight a man, in a muay thai match held in Amsterdam! Lucia lost, but she had the guts to try and not many people thought she would have been knocked out. Even in Thailand and Japan, the ring sports fans know who Lucia Rijker is.

    Full article and picture at:

    Hey, women's MMA is also growing and more power to them!
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    Why is it the authors of these articles come-off sounding as surprised and oblivious to women kick-boxers?Even women have been competing on a certain level in many fighting circles for close to a quarter century now.When I read these articles I just get the impression that the writer is a clueless about everything in life.

    "No hear this:People can fly.Yes!that's right people get on big planes and fly anywhere they want."

    If you want to read more from clueless people just read the post that comes right after this one?

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    Their mean and ruthless creatures in the ring, a real nightmare of sorts.


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