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    I really wouldn't recommend trying to box like Muhammud Ali. He used some really risky strategies that required AMAZING amounts of talent to pull off.
    I heard he cross trained to gain this.

    I know it was a FMA

    was was it FMA boxing or Kali?

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    That was brought up on another thread months ago. Cant remmeber it now, but I remmember that Koto gave me a rep for a comment i made on that thread (one of the last I got, BTW). Should we have the rep system yet, Id be able to track that thread easily.

    Anyway, in that thread, if I remmember correctly, somebody said something among the line of "Alis footwork resembles that of some FMA/Kali/whatever filipino arts, and since he went there to fight Frzir (Thrilla in Manilla) and went a couple of times to a gym there or so, probably he developed it there, or got the concept from there". More or less, I dont remmeber exactly.

    To that I replied that, in fact, Alis characteristic footwork was there before the fight with Frazier. Also, his fight with Frazier was the beginning of the end of Alis afamous footwork (age takes its tool, mind you). And also, that if ali took his footwork from somebody else, it was from Sugar Ray Robinson, the most well-rounded boxer ever, and somebody Ali admired.

    I can even quote this from Ali, more or less: "You tell Sonny Liston and Joe Louis that Im with Sugar Ray. Joe Louis was flatfooted, Liston is flatfooted, me and Sugar Ray are dancers".

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    A true "glass jaw" is probably a genetic abnormality where the vaso-vagal reflex to the stress of a hit causes a drop in blood pressure instead of a slight spike, or perhaps some other abnormality of any of the special visceral nerves in your neck and face.

    Do you ever get woosy or feint for no apparent reason? I'm sure your doctor can prescribe some meds which can help normalize this.

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