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    Shall I be the one?

    I guess so: If there's no grass on the field, flip 'er around and play in the mud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirc
    Shall I be the one?

    I guess so: If there's no grass on the field, flip 'er around and play in the mud.
    Funny but so wrong.

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    Wife/Boss Defends Tae Kwon Do Instructor

    A Sioux Falls man, whose job is to teach and coach kids, is in jail, charged with inappropriately touching one of his students.

    Bud Williams is a Tae Kwan Do instructor at Self Defense America on East 10th Street. Last November, a 13-year-old student was sleeping at his house the night before they were to travel to Minneapolis for a tournament.

    She says she woke up to Williams rubbing her breasts outside her sweatshirt.

    But Williams's wife, who is also his boss, has a different story.

    KC Estes-Williams owns Self Defense America. She says it's not unusual for students to spend the night at their home if they were traveling early in the morning for an out-of-town tournament. And it was not unusual for this girl to stay there, because she was friends with their daughter.

    But Estes-Williams says the girl made up the story, and the police reports are inaccurate.

    The wife of Bud Williams didn't want to go on camera, but she wanted their side of the story to be clear. "Well, you know, it's a nightmare," Estes-Williams says.

    She says on the night of November 11th, she and her daughter were already in Minneapolis for a Tae Kwon Do tournament. Bud Williams was home alone, planning to drive a student to the tournament the next morning. Then that student's mother showed up at his door.

    "The mother was supposed to drop her off at 7:00 in the morning, and she showed up at midnight and pretty much said if you don't let her spend the night, she doesn't get to go," Estes-Williams says. "And because she had done it so many times and trusted her and the mother, he said: Okay, go ahead and sleep on the couch."

    At some point during the night, the 13-year-old left Williams's home and called her mother from a gas station. She told police she woke up to Williams fondling her. And court papers say he admitted it to police. But his wife says that's not true.

    "He said that they've twisted things around, that he didn't say that," she says. "It'll come out in court, but for now, everybody is hearing he admitted it. He said he never admitted it."

    Bud Williams told his wife he admitted to tapping the girl on the shoulder to let her know he was leaving the house for a few minutes. When he returned, she was gone. Williams's wife says he's never inappropriately touched a student, let alone this one.

    "He really cared for this student," she says. "And she's been with him for a long time. She had spent the night at the house a number of times, not just before tournaments, but as a friend of our daughter."

    Estes-Williams says all of the parents she's heard from have been supportive. Self Defense America's policy has changed, so students can't sleep over anymore, and she says Bud Williams will likely not return to the school even if found not-guilty.

    He is still in jail on a $5,000 cash or surety bond.,45566
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    That answers a lot more questions.

    If he's not guilty, I can't imagine a worse nightmare than to be in jail for being accused of being a chimo. I mean, if he's innocent, how does he prove it? DNA testing won't help in a fondling case. I don't know if even fingerprints off the sweater would help. Has it been washed? Is it in evidence? Are there prints on the shoulder, or the tit region, too? He may get off, 'cause it's his word vs. hers. I mean, where's the evidence? If he can get decent defense, they'll probably bring up the whole half awake dream state thing. In other words, she just dreamt it, and the shoulder shaking "confirmed" it for her.

    If he gets a public defender, he'll be fucked. Here in SD there's no pro bono criminal defense lawyers, and I know from first hand experience that the public defender always tells you you don't have a chance and that you should plea bargain. He and his wife don't seem to have the cash for bond, so I'm thinking he's screwd as far as a lawyer goes. As far as the local cops twisting around words, I've had that happen to me, too. our cops around here are absolute pieces of ****. I wonder about the dowloading porn at work afterwards thing, too. He may just be guilty and get fucked. First in court, and then in the local Pen on the hill.

    I'm gonna pray that the truth gets out, and that nobody innocent gets hurt.

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    The mother's version:

    She was set to compete in the Junior Olympics; now, a former Tae Kwon Do student doesn't even like being home alone.

    46-year-old martial arts instructor Bud Williams is charged with fondling a 13-year-old girl as she slept on his couch before they were to leave for a Tae Kwon Do tournament.

    KELOLAND's Lou Raguse spoke with the mother of the alleged victim. She wants her identity to stay anonymous. But she wanted to share what the incident did to her family, in case there are other victims out there.

    Bud Williams is accused of fondling her daughter and this mother says she feels betrayed.

    “They're teaching self-defense,” the mother says. “Who would think (the students) would need to defend themselves from their teachers?

    She considered Williams family and trusted him enough to let her daughter sleep over nights before early-morning Tae Kwon Do tournaments.

    That trust was shattered with a 3 a.m. phone call one November night.

    “She was crying so hysterically I couldn't understand what she said,” the mother says. “I didn't know if she was in a car accident. I had no idea.”

    When the girl finally found the words, she told her mom Williams began rubbing her breasts on top of her sweatshirt for two minutes while she lay on his couch scared, pretending to sleep.

    “He thought she was sleeping,” the mother says. “And he tried to put his hand under her shirt. That's when she jerked and moved.”

    She says her daughter defended herself, but now is troubled by what happened. And this mother is worried there could be other victims.

    “I think parents - anyone that's been to Self Defense America - I think they should ask their kids. It could be something innocent, but the child might not know. You just don't know. I had no idea. I didn't have a clue at all.”

    This whole thing has affected their family so much that the girl's father quit his job of 13 years so that he could be home with her after school. Her mother says the young teen has seen a counselor but still isn't able to talk about the incident.

    Bud Williams is still in jail; his next court appearance is set for February 9th.

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