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    Try to breath out when going down for the side split. It usually gives you the edge to go further down.
    Holding your ankles while going down on the side split helps aswell. Just dont let anyone go up behind you and push you down.
    Flexibility cant be obtained by using force.
    Take it slow, eventually it will start feeling comfortable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FictionPimp
    I think you mean tiger balm, I dont think I would use that in an area that is not exposed to air, binding (such as underwear) can cause some bad rashes with that stuff.
    That's why I like to go around naked around my house. LOL. Seriously, though, you are right about the Tiger Balm in a covered area. I wonder what sort of medicinal/pain reliever ointment can be used? Perhaps he could use 'Ascorbine Jr.' It doesn't work as well as tiger balm, but dries up faster, so it shouldn't pose a problem.

    Quote Originally Posted by FictionPimp
    As for anti-inflamitorys, I dont know which one is really the best for your body, but my doctor told me to take 2 neproxin (aleve is the commerical name) with a full 8 ounces of water 2 times a day for my sprain. It really helped the swelling. I've given up advil for this stuff. Its great.
    That's what I take also. Or over-the-counter Ibuprofen (but in this case, I have to take 3 pills instead of the recommended two for it to take effect, with plenty of water and ideally not with an empty stomach.)

    It's amazing how these 'instructors' force students down for an split. It's a good way to screw up an unsuspecting student. :confused2

    Quote Originally Posted by PizDoff
    1. Do not force into stretch.
    2. Relax into stretch, breathe normally, deeply.
    3. Warm up before stretching.
    4. Stretch lower back before hips and legs since stretching the lower body puts a lot of stress on the lower back.
    I'd add to stretch the buttocks/hips right after stretching the lower back and right before stretching the legs as well. Some people skip stretching the hips, and even worse, the lower back, before stretching the legs.
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    I know how that pain feels because i had it too about year ago.I have been training gymnastics for about 4 years and one day at training i haven't warmed up well and when i was doing straddle stretch my coach sat on me holding my hands in front.I felt very uncomfortable in area between my hamstrings and thigh.Day after i did not feel the pain when i was walking or running but i felt sharp pain when i had to stretch.I wasn't able to do splits because of pain in right leg.I went to doctor and she gave me medicine to use but it didn't help me.After two weeks of doing nothing my leg was fine and i didn't feel the pain and i started doing gymnastics.Ever since then that pain comes again but it's not hurting too much like first time and my advice is to get a cold shower several times per day and rest for about three days and to prevent pain always warm up well and don't overstertch a lot!

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