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    Quote Originally Posted by I Choke You
    Huh, well that's fantastic. Would you believe that never happens anywhere else ever? Because I find it equally hard to believe it happens that often there, vs everywhere else.

    I can't speak for there. i have never been there. this is why i spoke of here...whos on first. whats on second.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wagamichi
    here is a funny traite I have seen time and time again in Indy at least. I worked the bar distric for about 4 years. this plays out time and time again and we (cops) even have a name for this guy. It is called "that guy" Outside the bar when ever there is a fight and one or both go down to the ground, There is allways "that Guy" that run over and kicks one of them in the head. even thogh he has no interest in the fight or even knows the guys fighting. Usualy "that guy" is the only one I lock up. If two guys want to have a tussle and quit when I brake it up, I let them go. Bar fighting is an american institution that has been around a long time. If it was fair and honest, I'll let the, go. But not that guy...he is always lurking.
    I don't know about Indy but in Miami and SoFL in general "that guy" would have got a beatdown quickly. However I am sure there is an asshole in very bunch but that doesn't mean that the person in the dominat position can't defend himself form such an attack. I seen it done in bar and clubs several times. Which goes to show ther eis now standard for a fight and its best to be well round thatn the think, "oh if I go to the ground the friends, lava, glass, etc will get me."
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    hypothetical fights and examples... typical bullshido... the "What If" monkey screaming and hollering... more bullshido

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