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    Quote Originally Posted by Vile
    Hey Enech,
    Out of curiousity Tank claims to teach military units formally. Do you know which units he trains? There is no full time (RF) Army at Dunedin worth speaking of. The nearest would be the 2/1 RNZIR at Burnham (about 5 hours drive away for you Americans). Is he training the 2/1? If not the only other front line combat units we have are the 1RNZIR at Linton (take a plane as an FYI for the Americans - its on another island) or the QMAR at Waiouru. Last I looked (and I could be wrong) all their CQC instructors were all currently serving. They were teaching (as mentioned previously) what is basically watered down BJJ.

    The only ohter units that leaves are REMFs or SAS. Teaching REMFs would be strange - who flies in a specialist instructor to teach REMFs h2h? Teaching SAS - he should have some very firm backup to support that claim, given that most of our SAS guys are overseas instructing other people how to fight.

    I'd just like some backup on this since claiming you "teach military" is easy. Meaning more than "someone from a unit came to my class" isn't.

    Oh an as a side unrelated note. I know Tank has had issues with the various TKD clubs in town (the two University ones (which have issues with each other) and the others in town) that spilled over because some senior detectives in the Police were black belts (or whatever) in TKD and the some of the general police officers were tanks "boys" (ie phase one and two students). This leed to rumors that the only way you got into tanks school was "fight the instructors". Funny thing is the only way was pay a minimal ($90 a year) fee, pass a back ground check, and turn up to class twice a week. It amazes me the myths that grow about Tank. He USED to be a bouncer (when he was training with various instructors world wide), he USED to run a pie cart (some yahoos ( ;) ) in the USA have called him a hot dog sales man) etc. At the same time he ran security for an Americas cup challenger (who then hired 90% of his phase three students as security staff when they WON the cup)) etc. Tank as I have said is a self promoter, but what martial arts/fighting style instructor is not? I'd not go to someone who said "Yeah I am ok". He's good. When I train with another instructor (if I find one) I'll re-evaluate HOW good.

    Ok breakfast is calling.


    Enech (real name is Gareth BTW)

    He was responsible for the current SAS program, and often is out of town at the various military bases. These days he teaches them less and less. He has (past tense I think) also taught US units thanks to his ties to Mr Webb and others.

    I will be honest I never really take much notice of which unit he is dealing with, even less so since I moved to the USA. During his intensive extensive (or whatever he calls it now) you will find a lot of the intake for that week are military guys as well that he has taught something too the previous year.'
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