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    Global Martial Arts LTD

    Global Martial Arts LTD.

    These people claim to provide all kinds of information. For example they promise to provide info about "Mahōtsukai Dōjō", yet, we don't know ANYTHING about these people.
    I am a student of Merlyn, the founder of the Mahōtsukai Dōjō and he knows nothing about these people.
    He even sent an email to "Global Martial Arts LTD" to ask him about this. He never received an answer, and the name "Mahōtsukai" is still on their site.

    I suspect that "Bujinkan Lincoln Dōjō" doesn't agree to this either. I send an email to the head of Bujinkan Lincoln to inquire about this, yet I received no answer by now. I will keep you guys informed.

    If there already is a topic about Global Martial Arts... I am sorry. I used the search function.

    FYI: Mahōtsukai is NOT a suborganisation of the Bujinkan. We just are some Bujinkan Dōjō who enjoy working together.
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    wow looks like they're trying to put as many MA related terms on the page as possible, i wonder how often their website hits the first page of a google search.


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