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    Quote Originally Posted by DuckofDeath
    Note that his shidoshi was Senzo Tanaka. ...
    ...If his Shidoshi is Senzo Tanaka, then he must show us the Dim Mak....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellahouston
    I never really took him seriously, but he has started classes with a view to starting an academy, and has taken one of my fellow employees under his wing. This guy is one of the brightest and most grounded people I know, but is utterly besotted with his teaching, and won't hear even the slightest doubts about his claims/qualifications. Surely he should'nt be allowed to market his skills with fictitious qualifications?
    Direct your friend to try his new uber skills at the nearest Mua Thai or BJJ club.

    This should cure him fairly quickly.
    "Sifu, I"m niether - I'm a fire dragon so don't **** with me!"

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