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    Holy JKD, Batman!!!

    Hey guys,

    Hope you're all are fine and well.
    Ok I need your opinion on something. Especially all you JKD and grappling guys.
    Please go through the link pasted below. It is from the website of an organisation called 'JKD Ideology, India'


    My knowledge about JKD is "theoretically skimming the surface" at best. And my grappling knowledge is next to nil. I can again, theoretically do a hip throw.


    OK jokes apart, please answer the following:

    Would the lady have won as stated in the captions after being pinned down by a guy heavier than her? (I really liked her description: "5ft 7 inch, 56 Kg, tough & wiry" whereas her opponent is "6ft 2inch, 120 kg and muscular", lardish being more like it.)


    Please pay attention to how she has been pinned. Is a neck crank possible from that angle?
    My impression was that a guy heavier than you, conversant in grappling will squash you like a bug and the best recourses to such a scenario, whether you know grappling or not, are:

    a. RUN
    b. Throw a rock at him

    c. Search for a weapon of some sort.

    On basis of the pics and the technique demonstrated, they seems to be pure BS!!!

    I called up these guys last week [they are based in Mumbai (Bombay), India] and their contact person refused to divulge any details regarding fees, instructors etc. The instructor profiles are mentioned on the site and they claim lineage to Richard Bustillo (JKD Concepts, I guess).
    I can't visit them easily because I live in a city called Pune (pronounced, poo-nay) about 200 kms away. Their Pune contact is no longer in Pune. But when I do visit Mumbai, I think I'll pay them a visit.

    Anyways till then I would like your opinions and an answer to my question.

    Also as a bonus, I have some nominees for 'Pics of Disaster' from the same site:


    Photos 1-6: The JKDI Center which also must double as a storeroom. Looks dinky, but then, in Mumbai a 1000 sq. feet apartment is considered luxurious.

    (Specialised Training)

    Photo 7: Special commentary on watching Enter the Dragon?

    Photo 8: How you'll be when we're through with you!!

    Photo 9: Dim Mak points perhaps?

    (Students Training)\

    Photo 10: Nice posey Sidekick!!

    Photo 11: Dancing with the Wing Chun Dummy!!! Note how the lower 'leg' of the dummy is aimed below her belt !!

    Photo 12, 13: Wannabe kickboxing!! I shall bow to receive your kick on my crash helmet.

    Photo 14: Look at me ma!! I'm Bruce Lee!!!

    Photo 15: Duck when nobody's punching

    Photo 16: Push the bag!!!

    Photo 17: Careful now!!

    Photo 18: Mrs. Van Damme in Bloodsport 27

    Photo 19: Touch the bag with your toe, grasshopper!!

    Photo 20: (Can't think of anything)

    Photo 21: No Comments!!
    Hopefully this will get off that message I got about not posting on the forum.:cool:

    Till we meet again!!

    ----Neil :pottytrai

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    1.) They at least have the right equipment to do legitimate training.

    2.) The neck crank is ridiculous. If she bridges and turns into him, she can pull her head out and escape.

    3.) The way they try to make it seem they are eclectic is just annoying. Saying every martial art you can think of to name a move is annoying.

    4.) Get a real web domain.

    5.) Get a webmaster with experience.

    6.) I've seen WAAAAAYYYYYY worse than that. While some of it looks corny, the techs are legit.


    But please tell them to keep their hands with them when they move.

    I would nominate this for the biggest bullshido meter alert:


    Teh d34dly !ndi4n 4rt of k!ll!ng?

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    That scarf hold is really terrible.

    As for neck crank... I highly doubt she could get enough leverage to cause more than mild annoyance from that position.

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    Ahhh.. Hooray for JKD... the art proclaimed at the father of modern day MMA... yet the concept is over 2000 years old. Talk about claiming to invent the wheel...

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    The pictures make the place look very, very shitty.
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    You should definitely go check it out, though, 'cause as lame as that place looks, I bet it beats the **** out of any isshinryu karate dojo.

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    considering the first picture on the website is a huge high kick, thats a bastardization of jeet kune do.

    i didnt really go through the whole website, but as far as your question about the lady fighting the fat guy, if the website claims she does win or something like that, jeet kune do isnt one of those places that claim a small frail person can beat up a big person. strength is a must for jeet kune do.

    but that place really didnt look too bad. maybe lack of funds, but i mean its better then John Smiths Family Tae Kwon Do.

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    I'm still in PFS/JKD Concepts. Fine art. But you'd better get BJJ and some SBG material in the training. Stay in shape, spar, work on the heavy bag. Work with a training partner. Call the "art" whatever the fook you want to call it: just keep training and IMPROVING.

    Strength is a must for any contact sport.
    "The seventh law of thermodynamics is that every time a fat person gets near a trapdoor, they fall in. Itís the closest thing we have to scientific proof of God."

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    Costly Bullshido

    I have actually visited this school. Spoken to the lady in the pics, and also saw her husband, the other guy in the pics, about an year ago. She wass overweight and he seemed really fit. Place is a bit too small for even a class of ten students. They may make do if they take only a very few students. It is just a small apartment in Andheri area. What surprised me and put me off is the fact that the lady who calls herself the only female krav maga instuctor in entire asia, actually told me that i could get good at JKD in six months and that too, starting without any sort of fitness (i was overweight and led a sedantary life at the time, well, really, even now). Fees starts at Rs. 5,500/month for MMA. Personal training will take you to 9,000/month or more. These rates are about an year earlier's, might have changed by now. Rates are high for Indian standards. JKD, krav maga and MMA is not taught at too many places, maybe that is reason they charge so much. In fact ASAIK JKD is taught exclusively by them in mumbai. Krav maga is also done by a certain mehul vora, but then, he doesn't teach the beginners directly. The usual stuff, students teaching students. I am waiting for the day a real master starts teaching kajukenbo, JKD, bjj, shaolin type of kung-fu or something real in mumbai.
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