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  • Royce Gracie

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  • Matt Hughes

    36 72.00%
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    Some of you talk as if Hughes has no technique and all his wins have been my sheer muscle alone. And I'm inclined to disagree on that one. I really don't care who wins, as long as it's a good fight .ie. they pummel each other non-stop for the whole fight or one gets unexpectedly and unceremoniously face humped on the first 120 seconds of the first round.

    I think Hughes will win... but then again, I though he was going to win against BJ Penn, and see what happened. So who knows in this Hughes vs. Royce... you never know wtf with these Brazilians...
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    I honestly do not see how Royce could win this.

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    Hughes by TKO strikes 2nd.
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    In all likelihood, Hughes is too fast and too strong for an older Royce.
    However, never rule out a Gracie...
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    I'm not sure whether to root for my hero, or see you flush you stick your head in the potty and pull the magice silver lever!

    Decisions, decisions...

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    My prediction: Matt will beat the hell out of Royce for the first period and a half. Matt will be grounding and pounding Royce, and then, out of nowhere, Royce will slip in a perfect armbar and Matt will tap for the submission. That's what vale tudo is all about. That's what the Gracie family started the UFC for in the first place. To show that the underdog can win with top shelf grappling skills in a fight. Matt of course is a top shelf wrestler himself, and the Miltech camp preaches and works hard at well rounded fighting. But, um, this is Royce Gracie. Gracie wins in a 2nd period submission.

    And as much as this is an interesting fight, Hughes should be defending his title from St Pierre or Penn or any of the other stacked Welterweight fighters.

    I think Dana White is going for too much gimmick and my god, Joe Rogan, not everything is the most awesomest thing in the world. He did more to exhaust the vocabulary of superlative in the first few minutes of Ultimate Fight Night last night than NFL films has in the last 20 years. And, yeah, I get it, people should watch Spike TV and anyone who gets hit is "RAWKED!!!"

    So in review, Royce is still the man, more fight and less White, and if Joe Rogan doesn't shut the **** up, I'm sticking Chuck Norris on him.

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    This is almost as good as Baroni vs. Abbott.
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    My prediction: Royce pulls guard.
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    With the time limit and "stalling" rules of the UFC, I think Matt might have the advantage for a judgement decision. If it was original UFC rules, I'd have no doubt that Gracie would win.

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    i think its going to be a repeat of royce's sakuraba fight.... deja vu

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