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    Quote Originally Posted by QuickJab
    I still don't understand why the CMA community hates BJJ and grappling. If your instructor teaches you very good, practical Chin Na techniques, wouldn't BJJ be a great compliment? If you learn Shuai Chiao, wouldn't BJJ be a great compliment? Plus even if you really do hate grappling, wouldn't it be smart to learn it so you how to defeat a grappler, the whole know your ememy ****?
    The entire CMA community doesn't hate BJJ. Only the stupid ones hate BJJ, which unfortunately is a large percentage.

    My instructors give BJJ lessons after kickboxing classes for instance.

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    I'll be right over! lol
    "Prison is for rapists, thieves and murderers. If you lock someone up for smoking a plant that makes them happy, you're the fucking criminal." - Joe Rogan

    El Guapo says dance!

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    Bleah... to add to the discussion... a couple quotes:

    From my old karate school: "Rule #1 in a knife fight- you are going to get cut. Get over it and move on."

    From my Moy Yat lineage traditional _ing _un school, concerning grappling: "We're going to be getting some pads and mats and start learning how to deal with takedowns and tackles. It's not that we're going to be learning groundfighting, because if someone gets taken down on the street either it gets broken up, ends in a KO very quickly, or someone is getting punched in the dick."


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