Has anyone seen this?


I can't make a definitive judegement, since i've not ordered the e-book myself personally, but i was taught that the only road to success was focus and hard work, so this seems like a lot of bull. The author gives no martial arts qualifications whatsoever, and beyond this he continuously gives only the supposed results of reading his book and what it supposedly contains. No examples, no exerpts, and the overall lack of authenticy is frightening. It leaves just too much room for doubt. Even the comments could have been fabricated as well.

Check this out:
In just a few months from now you could be asked how the hell you got so good so fast.

But not only that. The people in your life will notice something “new” about you too. What you learn and practice will help you greatly in your everyday life also.

Imagine that! Martial Arts truly training you for living your life.

How would it be if you knew you could very effectively defend yourself or loved ones if you needed to (God forbid that you should really have to)? Have that massive confidence that has eluded you till now.

How cool would it be to win tournaments with less dojo training than everyone else?

How would you like to be able to learn new moves quickly and with less effort?

Walk down the street knowing what 99.99% of others are oblivious to.

"See" what others can't.


It seems like throughout the page he advertises his book not only as secrets but also as "The easy way out"- a common strategy used by frauds of all kinds.

The blockbuster movie "The Matrix" shows you what you really need to get your head around to massively succeed. (Why not be entertained too while you learn! You'll find it that much easier)

Learning from the Matrix. Sounds ridiculous doesn't it?

Special Report: Ninjas

Intrigued by the Ninjas? No other martial art form engenders such mystique as the art of the ninja, Ninjutsu. This special report rolls back that mystique.

Find out who the ninjas were, what they did.

Discover their skills, tools, weapons and techniques.

How were the ninjas able to disappear?

Who was more feared, Samurai or Ninja?

Who is more effective, an "ordinary" martial artist or a ninja?

Who the Ninja of today are and what they do.

Again, seems like advertising by appealing to the customer. I think this one is self explanatory.

As for his moneyback guarantee, it's a little hard to believe someone who sounds like he's talking out of his ass

But I've been wrong before. What do you guys think?

Ps: Please pardon the english. It's not my first language.