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    Judah-Mayweather still a possibility!!

    Mayweather-Judah not dead!

    Friday, January 13 2006

    There is still interest from promoters and HBO executives in staging an April 8 showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Zab Judah. Judah's shock loss to Carlos Baldomir on January 7 took some of the luster off the proposed matchup, but he may just get a pass from that lackluster performance as boxing powerbrokers believe Zab lost mainly because he was not focused or motivated for that bout. That isn't expected to be a problem against Mayweather. It isn't unprecedented when a popular fighter is upset, that he still moves into a big fight soon after. 'El Terrible' Erik Morales himself is coming into next weekend's superfight with Manny Pacquiao after dropping an HBO-televised showcase fight against Zahir Raheem and that event is doing big business. Also, who can forget Julio Cesar Chavez' shocking loss in a tuneup to unrated Willy Wise in 1999? He not only got his title shot against Kostya Tszyu a few months later, but kept his #1 WBC ranking.

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    I knew that would happen, people have been wanting to see Judah and Mayweather for a long time. The reason there is still interest is because Mayweather knows now that he can beat Zab Judah.

    He knows Zab has a very questionable chin, meaning he has no chin at all, and that Mayweather is going to exploit that. If a lot of people land straight rights on Zab a lot, you know that Mayweather is going to land 10x more straight rights on Zab.

    Not only a straight right, but punches in bunches is what Mayweather throws and I don't think at this time Zab should take the fight since he isn't up to the caliber of professionalism that Mayweather shows when he fights.
    I'll make one when I can find one I like.

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    When he came to my gym he said that hes already got fights with De La Hoya and I believe B Hop( although I may be wrong about Bernard, I am certain he said Oscar). I heard about the conversation second hand, but I know he said he was making close to 50 million for 2 fights in 06.


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