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    Opinions on head trauma + amatuer sportfighting

    This is kind of complicated. I'm not looking for a flame war so just hear me out, ok?
    Some of the comments about head shots really got me thinking in regards to the kyokushin 100 man fight thread.

    This is a personal inquiry about how/who medically to check with in regards to long severe head trauma, motor control problems, and memory issues.

    If you want to ignore the backdrop, go the **** part

    Anyways, first you need a little backdrop on WHY I want to fight so you can understand why I would even consider this. A few years ago I nearly died. I was told I probably had hotchkins and had 3 months or less to live. Turned out it was just an infected lymph node and though I got down to 121 lbs, I survived and was cancer-free. However, my life was rock bottom. 18,000 in medical debt, a failing relationship w/ my then fiancee, poor physical condition and no job. For about a year and a half after that, I struggled to regain control of my life. After I did, I promised myself if I ever went down real low again and lost another significant relationship I'd become a sportfighter. (I'm actually cutting ALOT out of this - it'd be a 300 page book if I told all of it - in fact, I'm thinking of writing a book on it :-P )

    The why is basically I'm a competitive person, I've been in ALOT (and I do mean ALOT) of fights growing up at the 4 high schools I went to, I have done martial arts off and on since I was 12 and was always very skilled, did lots of full contact sparring from 12-18 years old and in general just really enjoyed it.

    Now, enough babbling, on with my concern.

    I was so excited to see that sportfighting and full contact martial arts had really started to come into the limelight. I realized this meant a good chance I could actually do what I want when my fiance left me. This is my second fiance. I know, I suck. Anyways, so I got back into Arnis with my old Arnis instructor - who totally kicks ass. I started working out every day. I started reading and watching and learning. I'm starting ju-jitsu next week. It's been 4 months of this. Then I see some of those things posted on my thread about the kk 100m kumite about long term head injury issues.

    *** YOU CAN SKIP TO HERE ***
    When I was 13 I got a radial skull fracture, about 1.5-2 inches long. I went from a straight A student to a Straight C student. *no bullshit* I went from book knowledge to very good abstract/logistical thinking. I have a permenant dent in my head.

    This coupled with the... myriad of full contact sparring (my old TKD school was taught by someone who started in kickboxing), constant "proving myself" at new schools, being hit in the head with metal tonka trucks, bats, chairs, tables, fists, you name it...

    Bottom line. Current condition. Age 25. 158 lbs, 5'8". Physically Fit. Knuckles, fingertips, tops of hands, shins and elbows are conditioned and slightly numb from it. I have problems with fine motor control (ex. - turning a spoon to dump sugar into tea/coffee usually results in my hand twitching and spilling sugar everywhere), memory issues (sometimes pretty severe), depression, fatigue issues, intermittent pschizo-affective disorder (they think it's caused by lupis, also the fatigue as well) , and I get RAGING headaches any time when I'm on a roller coaster.

    I know it seems pretty obvious I shouldn't fight but damn.. I promised myself, you know? Plus I really enjoy it.

    So.. opinions on who I should talk to, and how I should approach this. Should I just stick with training and then maybe teach others (I'd feel shady without having some actual mma ring experience though), should I go to some other form of contact fighting, see a neurologist and keep on trucking or what?

    Thanks for sitting through this lonnnnnnng ass post but obviously all those links to medical studies and **** spooked me. I like fighting and all but I don't want to get alot worse than I already am.
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    Step 1. Go see a neurologist. He's the person you should really be talking to. You will need some serious workup done if you are planning on fighting full contact. And make sure you go see a neurologist, not your general run-of-the-mill doctor.

    EDIT: Your fine motor control issues are something that seriously need to be looked at.

    Step 2. If the neurologist doesn't give you good news, decide what matters to you more--the promise you made to yourself or the rest of your life.
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    Not something to mess around with, your head..you should see a neurologist and if he tells you to stop fighting you should stop.
    It sucks, but you are still young and need to think about your future. You have your whole life ahead of you.
    I am a cancer survivor and a survivor period, and I love fighting. But If my brain functioning properly became an issue, and I was advised to stop, I would do it.
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