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    Quote Originally Posted by ace_skippy
    I think I understand martial arts better than many practitioners thereof, the theory and underpinnings that is. Ever wonder the origin of the karate horse stance, one of the most popular positions? Well, that has a lot to do with the samurais and the armor they wore. I can get into deeper things than that, if need be.

    By your post, I can surmise that you're not a high ranking martial artist, if any at all, as I'm sure they have the restraint to not engage in a chat room debate with a noob over a topic that your pals have already concluded is a trolling discussion.
    Just because samurai used it doesnt mean it was exclusive to them. Damn, open a fucking book. They have a similar stance in many other fighting styles that arent japanese, and it has a variety of uses, such as takedowns. And it also trains you to have stability and leg strength. Open a book. I know plenty of people that got high grades on the SATs, and that means nothing. Hell, I even got a high score! **** this thread, I'm getting depressed with the idiocy.

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    submission grappling
    I realize that this is ludicrous necro-postage, but does anyone view this thread a little differently now that everyone knows that JFS is all kinds of suck?

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